Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Pot painting Tutorial

Pot painting Tutorial

You will need:

1. A Clay pot
2. Sand Paper
3. Primer
4. Acrylic paints
5. Varnish


  • To begin, sand the pot to avoid roughness and clean the pot with water and let it dry.
  • Apply a cot of primer. Primer requires only 5 minutes to dry. 
  • Paint the pot with a cot or two of any Acrylic paint. If you are Choosing light colors then it requires two to three cots. Dark colors need only one to two cots.
  • Now you can design the pots with the designs of your choice with the acrylic paints.
  • Allow your paint to dry completely.
  • The final step is to apply a cot of varnish. Keep the pot in a dust free area. Varnish takes 10- 12 hours to dry. 
  • Now your designed pot is all set to decorate your home.

If you have any suggestions or questions please feel free to comment.